Learn to Vanquish Your Fears About Retirement by Simplifying the Process to Retire Successfully Following Two Steps

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The Simple Two-Step Formula to Retire Wealthy & Worry-Free by #1 Bestselling Author on Retirement Daniel Rondberg


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Here Are Some of the AMAZING Tips from this book

You Will Discover in This Ground-Breaking Book:

  • How to get guaranteed income for life.
  • How to set up a tax-free income
  • How to make sure that you do not run out of money
  • ​How to make sure that if your spouse passes away you will have enough income.
  • How to prevent your assets from going to a nursing home if you become ill.
  • How to pay off your mortgage in five years.
  • ​And much, much, more…

This is a book for people approaching retirement who want to learn about strategies to secure their retirement. You will learn about financial products like annuities, life insurance, long-term care, and other products geared towards removing risk in retirement.

If you’re ready to change your financial and retirement future for you and your family, then let’s begin this journey.

Daniel Rondberg
Daniel Rondberg is a retirement authority. He’s spoken and taught financial professionals and consumers all of the country. His mission is simple: reach as many pre-retirees as soon as possible to help them enjoy the best years of their lives!
Daniel Rondberg began his career working at JP Morgan, but later felt drawn to embrace the family business and went on to become an independent retirement specialist at Nation’s First Financial In their Mesa, AZ office. Daniel’s success has been quick and consistent. The value he provides is demonstrated to his clients through his focus on tax reduction and retirement security, although his greatest strength is listening and honoring his clients' concerns by customizing solutions that align with their core beliefs.

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MAXIMIZATION: Get 32% more benefits and the highest income possible while maximizing your benefits.

PENSION MAXIMIZATION: Take the higher income and guarantee that you can pass all of your pension payments to your spouse in a lump sum, tax-free.

TAX FREE WITHDRAWAL PRIVILEGE: Three ways to get taxable income out of your fully-taxable accounts without paying any fees 

PAY OFF YOUR 30 YEAR FIXED MORTGAGE IN FIVE YEARS: My proven strategy to accomplish this task without increasing your income. 

TIME HORIZON: How to assess your runway to retirement to make sure that you are appropriately adjusting your needs. 

MEDICARE MASTERY: How to make sure that you have the right coverage and don’t spend a lifetime overpaying for the wrong supplemental insurance. 

RISK CAPACITY: A risk analysis will determine how susceptible you are to these key retirement risks.

GOALS: How to clearly outline and define your goals and remove any unnecessary distractions that will deter you from reaching them. 

TRAVEL HACKING: How to earn free travel and take a vacation every year by leveraging airline reward points.

STOPPING YOUR MORTGAGE PAYMENTS AND PROTECTING YOUR EQUITY: The fastest way to provide the highest cash flow. 



LEGACY: Evaluate your estate plan and help facilitate the right supporting documentation to protect you. 

COLLEGE PLANNING: Guarantee the highest amount of tax-free money for your college savings without disqualifying for grants and federal dollars 

COMPLETE A BALANCE SHEET AND INCOME STATEMENT: The most important financial documents that will allow you to identify exactly where your money is.

DIGITAL ASSETS: Create a meaningful income from home with your phone and your time. 


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